2016 Lexus LX

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Basically, someone suggested to just “make it way uglier”. And they did it.

It doesn’t look all new. More like an expensive facelift. Like they did with the Camry last year.
Although it seems that most of the sheet metal is new or revised.
Interior is  new.

So this will be around for a few years…

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  1. This undoubtedly will be just as effective as the same pointy facelift was on the Camry. Ironic that both vehicles looked "sharper" before (all the pointy-sharp angles were stuck on).

  2. man…I haven't seen one new car yet this year that says "wow..gotta have it" at least not under $100K wth is going on with design…am I wrong?

  3. The spindle grille looks even nore awful on the front of an otherwise conservative design. It's a close race to ultimate tackiness between the spindle grille and Infiniti's "jowls" front end.

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