2016 Toyota Prius

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There it is.
The all new Prius, finally.

Looking, very… complicated . The front ends seems quite busy. And that rear light…
But it doesn’t matter. It actually looks to me like a normal evolution from the current model.
(Which now looks quite subtle compared to that)

I haven’t heard of any technical breakthrough. Mileage will be better of course. Probably just around 10/15% better.
But it will still feel like driving a dishwasher. Which also, doesn’t matter. Since the Prius is not a car for people who actually enjoy driving.
Which is … most people.

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  1. Vince, why are you so defensive about the design? You don't sound being yourself. Did you get a call from Toyota before posting this or something? This design is a mess beyond belief. We all know that.

  2. Oh noooooo! A total disgrace. Let me guess, it looks stupid and it is a toyota, what is it? It must be a Prius.

  3. Don't get me wrong. I think this is a pretty terrible design. (I do wish Toyota would sent money my way to say otherwise though…that would be nice.)
    But I also think it is what "Prius people" like. It will stand out (in a weird way) and say "Prius".
    Which is exactly what they want.

    In that regard, I predict huge sales! Toyota didn't get where they are now by being stupid.

  4. The back end I could get used to. The front end is an abomination. What the hell were they thinking?

  5. However I wonder even for die hard Prius fans this seems bit much?
    Toyota design has become bit weird: either they are super conservative or they come up with this extreme….

  6. Toyota made us wait 2 years for a redesign on the front and rear clips that are just molded plastic and can be twisted into any shape? Add to that some black paint on a C-pillar fake out and this is one cheap ass redesign.

  7. Where I live, student driver cars, usually old Neons, have a 5 pointed star painted surrounding each headlight. That's what the front of this reminds me of.

  8. I'm still not a fan of their angry fish/deep sea creature looks. This face and rump didn't look good on the Mirai and it doesn't look good here. Weird for weird sake. what happened to trying to design beautiful cars people would lust after. Does it cost too much to have one of the Italian design houses clean up the mess these amateurs make?

  9. And i agree about the blacked out c pillar. looks like crap on the Murano and the Maxima too, and now it;s on the prius. Says to me they ran out of ideas, or they made lines flow into the c pillar and didnt know how to reconcile them into something that made sense.

  10. You are right Vince, "Prius" people are like those with baggy pants and their flat, pancake, ass hanging out. They are part of our society. They have the right to express themselves. But I digress, now back to car talk, I think this is really as bad as the current one, but have a distinct impression that some of the worthless up close shots they ususally take give us a totally wrong impression of what the car really looks like in person.

  11. Lately it seems like many auto designers start with a nice shape, then ruin with the details. Here is yet another example. Hideous. Could be an opening for the upcoming Hyundai dedicated hybrid since Hyundai is likely to have a more conservative design. The current Prius has a decent design, not sure why Toyota needed to ugly it up.

  12. They might be polarizing, but at least Toyota designers are doing something different. The last new idea in German design was the "four door coupe" that came out ten years ago with the 2005 Mercedes CLS.

  13. People that drive these cars don't really care about they way they look. This one should get about 60 MPG, while the average vehicle in 2015 gets about 24 MPG

  14. A very messy design. The current model looks a lot cleaner. At least they didn't use the big mouth grill like on the camry and corolla….

  15. People that drive Prius's do care how they look. The number one car traded for a Tesla is the Prius. Loyalty to a brand only goes so far and Prius owner's historically have a higher net worth than other car buyers and can afford to go elsewhere for a green car.

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