2017 Ford Fusion

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Looks like the revised Fusion for 2017 has leaked early, on Twitter.
(Top picture. Bottom is the current model)

And it does look really good. I don’t think it ruins the already great looking Fusion at all.
Honda designers could learn a lot (A LOT) from this.

After seeing horribly redesigned front ends from Honda and Lexus in the past few days,
this is so refreshing.

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  1. Not too much refreshing about the refresh.. looks pretty much the same save for the lower valance. The Accord and GS do look horrible.. but if this light touch-up is supposed to suffice until 2020 then Ford may have a lot of catching up to do.

  2. They did a great job, but what happened to Ford's "At least a refresh every 3 years" plan? And another pair of fog lights bite the dust. It was good to bring them back on the NA Fiesta, but those round glow sticks on the new Edge have a giant chunk of black plastic where the ogs should be.

  3. Glad they integrated the foglamps with the rest of the front. What was with the previous high chrome oval ones which looked like they fell off an Edsel?

  4. This is a sad excuse for an "update". Say what you want about Honda, Lexus or whoever, but at least they are trying something new and trying to push the evelope.

  5. Its really hard to see any difference at all looking at the pictures, imagine if this is moving. Sorry call honda and lexus horrible but this one nahhhh..

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