2017 Hyundai Elantra

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I’d say so far so good.

Sure, it looks a lot (a lot!!!) like the current one.
But it doesn’t look worse or more boring (Like the new Sonata does to me)

The current Elantra really is one of the bet looking car in its class. The design aged really well.

This new one at least doesn’t seem to ruin things.

Now let’s wait for some interior pictures…

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  1. Looks much better than before, lets see what powertrains they bring with it to compare with the new Civic.

  2. This is the only Hyundai car that actually looks better in the next generation. Waiting to make a final judgment when its officially launched in the metal. The 2015 Sonata was such a huge disappointment rather than an evolutionary upscale Genesis-like design, Hyundai settled for conservatively boring. No wonder sales on Sonata have sucked. There is still hope as Hyundai supposedly is reworking the front end and should relaunch the new refresh design as a 2017 in late 2016.

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