2017 Mercedes C-Class coupe

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Finally, after all these spy shots over the years. the real thing!

It does look great. Like a cross between the stunning S Class coupe and the “old” C class coupe.

But… I cannot help but being a tiny bit disappointed. I know I am being very picky (especially after seeing such horrific recent designs as the Lexus LS and Honda Accord coupe)
But that little ‘rear swoop” rear side window design makes it look a bit too much like the current model.
Which, I guess, might have actually been the point.
It just isn’t as great as the S class coupe. (Which, I also assume, it shouldn’t be. At less than half the price…)

So far, I’ve only heard of the 300  (with a 2.0 Liter Turbo) and all 4Matic models. But I am sure the 400 (V6) would be offered later in the US. As well, of course, as the AMG version.

Finally a really good looking car to talk about these days!

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  1. Finally, a great looking C class coupe. I didn't like the taillights of the last generation, but this is spot on. A common guys s class coupe!

  2. Looks like a revised Honda Accord coupe in every angke except for the front three quarter view.

  3. It's not the rear window that bothers me; it's the bustle butt trunklid and the revelation that MB is continuing with the stupid tacked-on navigation screen for its newer models.

  4. The C coupe always looked better than the sedan. Looks good, although it reminds me a bit of the Accord coupe, which is not bad looking anyway.

  5. It only has to be prettier than a BMW 4-series — which it is. I always liked that grill mesh; Like it on the Hyundai's that use it and loved it on the 1965 Chrysler New Yorker (the very first to use it). Interior is pretty nice (for a car this small) Even to the point of begging comparison with bigger, better machines (like the 5-series or A7). Which is no small feat in a car this tiny. Probably way to small for an American to be comfortable in (for more than 2 minutes) but a decent effort, nonetheless!

  6. At least this does not have a hideous, ugly front end design like Lexus. The design looks really nice and well balanced. All in all, in my opinion, this exterior looks very cohesive and pleasing to the eye.

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