2017 VW Tiguan?

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This looks like it could be.

As it seems a bit small for that “upcoming” (whenever that is) production version of the US Crossblue concept.

This seems much shorter. And I hear an all new Tiguan is just around the corner (finally)

Not much to look at. And I bet it won’t look much better without all that camo paint.
Another boring (they call it conservative) design from VW. For their fans.

But, I must admit. that conservative approach seems to work. Since these “boring Jettas” still look quite fine a couple of generations later.
The boring stuff does end up aging quite well…

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  1. Anon 1:21/1:22 appears to be right.. this is the FAW R20, which itself looks like a Hyundai Tucson with a VW front end. I personally hope the next Tiguan continues with its more distinctive, upright shape, especially since the only other compact German SUV that actually looked like an SUV (GLK) now looks like every other crossover out there (GLC).

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