All new Kia Sportage

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These are, finally, the 1st official picture of the all new Sportage.

Looking good.
More brown o, I guess. (probably more expensive too)

the worst part is still the super busy front end.
And these LED lights do look horrible…

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  1. Still the best looking small crossover/SUV out there, but not a fan of the new headlights and less distinctive C-pillar chrome.

  2. I think it looks great. The only things I don't like are the fog lights and I think the grill should be slightly larger.

  3. You seem to be changing your mind Vince. No one will care about the "busy" front after we see it on the streets.

  4. The front part is the only questionable aspect about it. I think the rest of the vehicle looks great.

    I'm not fond of the look of the LED "ice cube" lights, but they may eventually grow on me. There's a little too much blob in the headlight shape; I think it would possibly look better if it was a bit more sharper or angular.

    Kia definitely did a lot better with the new Sportage than it did with the new Optima.

  5. The headlamps remind me of the old Subaru Tribeca‎, you know, the ones universally accepted as really ugly… The rear reminds me of a mix of other cars… Not too creative, and if you're going to emulate other designs, have a bit more taste imho. Could be worse, but not really an improvement.

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