Hyundai Vision G Concept Coupe

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Besides the stupid name, this is actually quite stunning.
And quite amazing for a Hyundai.
I think this is the 1st Hyundai design that truly looks like a luxury model to me.
It even has a British car feel to it. Almost old fashion.
Quite surprising.

There was a rumor last year about the next Genesis coupe becoming more of a luxury coupe.
This would definitely fit the bill.
Except that Hyundai concepts have never, ever become production designs.
They have been teasing us with great concepts for years.

Let’s hope it changes with next years all new Genesis Coupe.

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  1. Hyundai needs a luxury BRAND! It would be easy enough, just call their luxury brand: Genesis. I know I would never spend 40-50K plus in a Hyundai dealership with a blow up dinosaur out front. I don't want to buy a car in a dealership with someone in the cubicle next to me that has a 550 credit score TRYING to buy an 18K Elantra. Call me a jerk. Don't care.

  2. If they make it just like this, I will be buying my first Hyundai. And my first Asian luxury car. I like the Lincoln/Jag tail lights, Ford Fusion Grill, and overall shape of this "long wheelbase" Chrysler Crossfire Profile. But I ABSOLUTE LOOOOOVE the wood on the inside. Gottal love all that high-class, high-style genuine WOOD. It's a BIG part of what separates true luxury for the wanta-be's!

  3. Wow this is a great design. Hyundai needs to produce this. A great addition to the Eqqus and Gensis Sedans.

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