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This was last week, downtown L.A.

At least it’s already almost a dollar less now….

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  1. Insane? Not at all, and don't just blame Sacramento … blame yourselves. You people in Cal vote for your CARB, so now you can happily pay for your CARB.

    I paid $2.30 this morning for regular in my CARB-free happy state. BTW – was born and raised there in Cal, and am happy to be gone knowing what has become of that place. Only go back at xmas to see the unhappy relatives complain about the state they hate but refuse to leave.

  2. If it's the gas station by Union Station, then I totally believe those prices. That particular location is always much much much more expensive than any other place in town.

  3. And even at $5 / gal. our federal government makes more on every gallon than Chevron does. (The federal gas tax per gal. is higher than any oil companies profit per gal.) And with $18T in Federal debt–those taxes are going up some more!

  4. If that is low price, then it is officially a stupid tax for the people of Cali, the rest of the country is paying in the mid 2's

  5. Paid $1.96 (credit card price) in Athens, Tennessee this morning. All stations there now below $2 a gallon. Can't understand why it's still over $2.50 most places I've been traveling in Midwest and South. Too bad there''s not a way to post a photo I took to prove I paid that little. You can also check for current pricing (not an employee, just for proof that is really is that low)

  6. If the XL pipeline had not been stopped by Obama, gas would be 40% cheaper right now–EVERYWHERE (in the US.)

  7. In Vancouver, BC CAN., it's currently about $1.40 per LITER (about $5 per gallon) – actually it has been like this for many years. It used to be more expensive (upto to a little less than $2 per LITER (or over $7 per gallon)). In Japan and Korea, it's currently well over $10 per gallon (after conversion).

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