Renault Talisman Estate VS other wagons we don’t get.

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 Renault unveiled the wagon version of their all new Talisman sedan yesterday.

And it looks really good. The Talisman is more upscale, but also more conservative than other large Renault cars from the past. It has been called the “French Passat” already.
So it might actually turn out to be more popular now.
(Since most people like more boring designs…)

I though it would be interesting to compare it to other european wagons we are not getting here in the US.

The new Passat wagon. We are not getting this because our Passat is a completely different car.
What we have in the US is the Chinese/American larger “cheaper” model.

But the new Euro model still comes as a wagon.
And, like most VW designs, it looks super conservative. (boring) Which also means it might still look fine in 10 years…

 The Ford Mode wagon. Which could very well be sold here as the Fusion wagon. But no.
Just a bit more stylish than the VW, I guess.

My favorite is still the Mazda 6 Wagon.

Looking great and quite sporty. Just like the sedan.
Too bad we are not getting this….

What do you think? Would you like to see any of these over here???

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  1. Mazda6 wagon please.. even if they have to Americanize it, i.e. raise the ride height, add lower cladding and dub it the CX-6.

  2. Would love to see the new Mazda6 wagon here. I owned the 2005 wagon for 5 years. Loved loved loved it!!!

  3. No. I would not want to see them. Wagons are obsolete, given the driving dynamics and utility of crossovers.

  4. I think the Renault, Ford, and Mazda wagons look cool. The Passat wagon is hopelessly dowdy looking to me.

    For any wagon to sell in the U.S. market, I think it would need some sort of "Outback" treatment to make it palatable to U.S. tastes. Subaru doesn't even offer a regular version of the Legacy wagon in the U.S. market anymore because it wasn't nearly as popular (or profitable?) as the "Outback" version. I don't see manufacturers getting in any sort of rush to bring wagons to the U.S. market since it would draw resources away from the more popular and profitable crossover models. I think Subaru is successful with the Outback wagon because Subaru doesn't offer a proper midsize crossover in the U.S. market and the Outback wagon is well established here. I think the Outback's sales might decrease significantly if Subaru were to offer a decent looking midsize crossover here (something the Tribeca must not have been since it failed in such a crossover hungry market?).

  5. I don't get the point of these. A sedan with fold-down rear seat has 90% as much interior volume (98% as much USEABLE volume) and looks so much better. And costs less to build. And is easier to see out of. The biggest competitor these small (new mid-size) wagons have are suv's (which look MUCH cooler) and minivans (which haul ten times as much with comparable ride, quiet, and fuel efficency.) And when the next-gen Chrysler minivan arrives next year–these wagons may even come in 2nd place on fuel efficency!

  6. It would be great to have the Mazda wagon here in the US, especially if it was offered with AWD. I would even accept a little cladding if it appeases the masses and increases appeal to those who think SUV's are cool looking (hard to believe!).

  7. I would like to see more wagons in the U.S…. I see no point in the over steroid sedan based trucks. I have far more back seat room in my sedan than a Mazda CX9. Not all crossovers and SUV's are roomy. So … Big deal!!! you sit high up with the leg room of a 63 VW beetle?!!! And the $300 per giant size tires??? Roll buggys are a waste. It doesn't make sense to me to jump into one of those big boys to run to the corner for milk… The accessibility of a wagon is the way to go. We also need more 5 door hatchbacks! PLEASE!

  8. Absolutely bring the Mazda6 wagon to the US. I actually prefer a well-designed wagon over a crossover and even prefer it over many sedans. I'd never even think to cross-shop a minivan though. And while a sedan with a fold-down back seat is very useful, it cannot provide the versatility of the large contiguous space you get with a wagon (or crossover). However, if they bring it over it better have an efficient powertrain, which I know Mazda now has with its Skyactive suite of technologies. The only real wagon we can choose from in the 'late model' US used car market is the Acura TSX wagon, which is just a bit small in the passenger compartment. Of course there are the German wagons which are quite nice if you don't mind the maintenance/repair costs associated the Audi/BMW/Mercedes.

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