2016 Renault Megane

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 We saw this car a few days ago. But I thought i’d post a few more pictures of it.
It looks really nice! I mean this isn’t a luxury car. It is from a mainstream brand.
Competing with the Golf. Nothing super fancy.
Just something looking really good, classy, solid and tasteful.

Meanwhile, in Toyotaworld, we have this…

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  1. This Prius…. I have no words. I would hide my face in the hopes no one sees me anywhere near it. Sad disfigurement.

  2. I'm sure Vince is old enough to remember bak when bizarro styling was common and expected for Japanese cars. 🙂 What goes around eventually comes back around.

  3. Japanese style is going way overboard with this Manga style of disproportionate garbage. That Japan-first attitude is why European and American cars are doing well outside Japan, compared to the companies that insist on having this cultural reference point, even if its penned in Cali.

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