2016 VW Passat: “major facelift”

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Another lie from VW: “the 2016 Passat is getting a major facelift”.
More BS!

All it is getting is a “regular” facelift! new hood, lights, grille, number etc….
Inside. Nothing really new. (“New” one on top). New trim, new wood color, details, that’s all. Same old looking interior.
(It looked old a few years ago so it’s not really looking great now)

Same engines. 1.8 Liter Turbo and V6.
And they claim the diesel is still available. Although it’s NOT. As VW has stopped selling all diesels in the US. For a while at least.
You’d think at least they’d put a version of the Jetta’s great Hybrid system. But no…

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  1. Given the zero effort approach to a not so strong selling car by VW and then the current news, I think this car has become pretty irrelevant…

  2. VW has an insurmountable problem. Union Control that pushes wages up and reliability down to Mercedes & BMW levels. And on top of that VW is trying to compete at the low end of the price range. No wonder they're fudging emissions and MPG ratings–I think it's literally an impossible task!

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