2016/17 Mazxa CX-7

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 We just saw the super good looking Mazda Koeru concept a few days ago. And now the production version (probably called the CX-7) has been caught.

As you can see, they look almost the same.
Which means another really good looking Mazda is coming soon.

Same thing inside. (Production version on top)
Where things are really close to the concept. Except the screen and shifter.

It looks like Mazda is doing the same thing as Nissan. Where the CX-5 competes with the Rogue.
And the new CX-9 will go against the 7 seater Pathfinder.
But in between, there is room for something higher end, more luxurious and slicker.
Like the Murano.

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  1. Sexy! Mazda has strong crossover game. Funny though that the car company that used to sell the MX-5, MX-3, RX-7, and Mazdaspeed3 is now basically a crossover company. But I guess the same could be said for Porsche.

  2. it looks good at a quick glance. Then after awhile things just look odd to me. The belt line is so high. I know this is the norm now but it almost seems even higher on this. Also that long hood screams for an inline 6. But knowing that this will most likely have a v6 it makes me think it's just too long.

    It sure is one sporty looking SUV though. So good job mazda for keeping the sporty theme going.

  3. If they've overcome the absurdly loud wind noise and unacceptably crude ride of the Mazda 6, they might have a real winner on their hands!

  4. Not a CX-7. It will be called CX-4. The C segment coupe like SUV/CUV using the same underpinnings with CX-5.

  5. If you look closely at the proportions, this is pretty much the Mazda6 wagon, rebodied and jacked up Outback style. Mazda should have done this years ago.. seems like a perfect competitor for the Outback, Allroad and V60 XC.

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