2017 Buick Lacrosse

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Looking good. If not great.
(After showing us the Avenir concept last year, expectations are pretty high.)

This looks like a big Insignia (Regal) Which is fine.
It is quite a slick looking large car.

There are already talks about using the same Hybrid system as the brand new Malibu. Which would then compete with the Avalon Hybrid.

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  1. Wait.. this looks almost exactly like the new Malibu, which just moved back to the longer-wheelbase Epsilon platform.. so does that mean the Malibu, Impala and LaCrosse are all the same size now? And what about the next Regal? I'm confused…

  2. It's pleasant looking enough, but it's a total snoozefest when compared to the drop dead gorgeous Avenir Concept. Just like the upcoming new gen Verano, I'm sure Buick will claim that this new gen LaCrosse is "inspired by and takes design cues from" the Avenir Concept. Don't get me wrong, I don't think the car in the pic or the upcoming new gen Verano are ugly vehicles (both look to be conservatively handsome), but they just don't live up to the promise of greatness suggested by the Avenir Concept. Of course, Buick (and most other auto brands too) have a bad habit of showing awesome looking concepts that never materialize or translate into production vehicles.

  3. Buick needs a 4-door Riviera. A show-stopper. A trend-setter. This is just a Lexus of another color!

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