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Buick’s first convertible in many years will start at $34 000.
It comes standard with a 7 inch screen, 7 speaker stereo, 20 inch wheels and a 1.6 Liter Turbo with 200HP.
A premium version will cost $3000 more.
I am not sure 200HP will be enough to be fun. GM could have maybe squeezed their great 2.0 Liter in there (Or maybe they couldn’t…)
Still, the more expensive and smaller Audi A3 Cabriolet comes standard with the 1.8 Liter from the Golf. So no 200HP there…
Besides, the Cascada is 3 inches longer than an A5.
So I think it is priced right.

I cannot wait to see them in the streets as I was always a big fan of that design.
And to test one soon….

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  1. And, it will have 20" wheels as standard. I think they should have offered 18" as standard, but the target market of this car won't seem to mind replacing tires and wheels.

  2. So small, so sad, too bad. When is Chrylser coming out with a hardtop convertible with as much back seat legroom as the '13 200 ???

  3. To "anonymous" 1:40

    I was actually waiting for you to complain about the rear back seat of the Cascada. (which you seem to be doing on every single post about convertibles. No matter what size they are)

    First. A convertible is never about a roomy back seat. (Get a large sedan if you need a big back seat)
    Second. Most people do fit (Sure it's a bit tight) in the rear seat of a Camaro or a Mustang (I've tried)
    Third. The Cascada has 33.1 inches inches of rear leg room. The 200 Convertible had 33.8
    So it's pretty much the same thing !

    Also, hard tops convertibles are pretty much dead. So you might be waiting a l for a new one.
    Again, if you like hard tops and a huge back seat, why a convertible????

    It's like complaining about a roadster seating only 2 people. Or Bugs Bunny being a rabbit.

  4. Nice to see GM can re-use the old design in the US. After all, the new Astra is launching now and the Cascada is clearly based on the old model.
    Never understood bytheway how lowly Opels can function as upper-middle class as Buicks in the US. Especially when the US gets treated with the old European hardware…..

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