GMC Canyon test drive coming up.

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After driving that big black Silverado a few weeks ago, I was really wondering about its little brother, the Chevrolet Colorado.
Instead of a Colorado, GM sent me a GMC Canyon. Which is basically a slightly more upscale version.
The one I get to drive for a whole week is a 4 door, short bed AWD version.
With lots of options.

So, at around $41 000,  it is quite a bit more than the $32 000 basic Silverado I had.

So far, it looks really good inside and out.
 And that’s pretty much all I can say about it since they just dropped it off.

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  1. I think these will steal more from GM's full-size line than from Tacoma. Sure they look better than Tundra or Tacoma — but so does every other truck in the market. And if you want a super high-quality interior; NOTHING comes close to the RAM Limited and RAM Longhorn. Even if RAM didn't have all-wheel air suspensions (which they do), 29 MPG HWY (Diesel)–(26 for the 296HP Gas) hidden under floor storage and integrated RAM BOX sealed outside storage.

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