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First. It is very hard to find good pictures of this car. Why would Jaguar release only weird, cheap looking pictures of such an important model.(?!?!?!)
I mean look at the weird lights. The other pix show the car in red or blue, without the chrome surrounding the side windows (Which I think is a “must” on a Jaguar)

Second. The name is still stupid…

The interior is, unfortunately very similar to the new XE sedan. Although, for some reason, it seems to have a little bit more wood.
Which, again, a Jaguar should have. It still doesn’t have much personality inside, which is too bad. If you need something boring, there are plenty of German designs to pick from.
A Jag should really offer something different.

Still, I think it does look pretty good outside. Maybe even sporty.
And f course, being an SUV, it will instantly become the best selling Jaguar ever.
 In the US, the base mode will be the 2.0 Liter Diesel (Just like the XE)
Which will start at $41 000.
V6 version will start at $42 400.

This compares to $39 000 for a base BMW X3. About the same for an Audi Q5 or Mercedes GLC.

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  1. Sort of dull looking for a Jaguar. I guess I expect something a little more expressive from this brand, although the XE and new gen XF aren't exactly cutting edge either. Maybe Jaguar is going a little more conventional to gain more market share (perhaps?)? None of their new designs are ugly or ungainly, but they seem to lack a certain degree of passion.

    I do agree about the side window garnish (should always be metallic) and the fact that this will become the best selling Jaguar vehicle (in addition to bringing in some new customers who only consider owning crossovers).

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