Mercedes GLC EV coming up?

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 Looks like there is no exhaust pipes on this prototype driving around.
Which, logically, would mean an EV.

Plus, Mercedes Execs keep mentioning a shift from diesels to EVs and Plug-in Hybrids.
Since many European countries are actually seriously thinking about regulating Diesel big time (France even mentioned a total ban in a few years)
And that was before the current VW scandal/mess. Which might accelerate things.

This is the official European version of the new GLC.
Not only does it have tailpipes, but the bumper trim is slightly different. As well as the tail lights (?!)


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  1. I'm not sure if there will be an electric GLE, but Mercedes did say ti was developing an EV that was more "expressive" than the B-Class or plugin SLS. So that probably means some mutant crossover thing.

  2. there IS an exhaust pipe on that thing. it's one of those "hidden" ones… if you look closely there's a pipe with a hole slanting down.

  3. The tail lights are different because one is a European model, and the other is North American. We don't get the benefit of amber turn signals, even though they've been proven safer than red turn signals.

  4. …looks like 'benz is sliding back down into the tasteless comfort zone of generic designs again. That's O:K, one less brand to consider. (Not that it helps with my dilemma of choosing between the newest XC90 and the newest Escalade!)

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