New Hyundai Elantra

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This is really not revolutionary . But quite handsome.
Even the “meow boring” interior seems to work fine.

This might definitely steal some sales from the new Civic which might prove to be too “crazy” for some.

More and better pictures very soon.

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  1. Good looking compact sedan! And it doesn't look tortured like so many of its Japanese competitors!

  2. Definitely not as distinctive as the current model. It's conservatively handsome, but doesn't have the outstanding character of the current model. I hope it is like the current Sonata in regards to the fact that the current Sonata does make much more of a visual impact in the "metal" than it does in pictures.

    According to what I have read on some auto websites, Hyundai did work on improving the ride and reducing road noise in the cabin. If the end product exhibits a more refined driving/riding experience, then it will probably sell just fine, regardless of its more conservative looking appearance.

    There are a couple of aspects of the exterior design I wish they would address:
    1) I wish the chrome strip under the side windows would actually wrap around the side windows. I think it would make the car look a little more finished and upscale.
    2) I think the tiny round foglights in the C-shaped cutouts in the front bumper look ridiculous. Why not apply some type of LED lighting that better fills the space and looks more modern?

  3. I'm sure it's just the picture quality – but the interior materials looks REALLY cheap and hard; 1998 Chrysler would blush.

  4. Hyundai has gone backwards, first with the redesigned Sonata, and now with the Elantra. The previous Elantra put Hyundai back in the game, this 2016 is boring, with poor detailing. This must have been styled by the "B" team.
    Just look at the side reflectors in the front head lights, the added vertical bar in the back side window and the cheap way the roof pillars meet with hood. Will the Elantra take away sales from the new 2016 Honda Civic, I wouldn't count on it.

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