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30 years in the making, really.
For those (like me) who saw the movie when it came out, this is quite amazing to just “be” today.

Unlike the De Lorean, the Mirai does NOT have a great italian design that will look great in over 30 years.
And it has about zero cool factor.
But… It is still an amazing technology. Something that would have really been unthinkable 30 years ago.

And what a great way to advertise it than using the actors from the film.
It almost makes the Mirai cool. (at least, it looks different)

Now, if they could only hire Giugiaro to design the next generation…

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  1. I cannot even stand how lame toyota is. This car has no substance, so use the smoke and mirrors of a movie studio.

  2. Love the old movies … but this Toyota youtube bastardization of it absolutely sucks. Hope Lloyd and Fox got paid a ton to do this objectionable trash because if not, they are stupid.

  3. DaimlerChrysler was building & selling busses that ran on Hydrogen almost 20 years ago–in Europe. As long as you can make hydrogen using less energy that it produces (debatable at the moment) and as long as nobody blows up (Think Hindenberg–"Oh the Humanity!"). Then sure. But don't ask me to be one of the first 10,000 customers. Not from the company who got buried in "wrongful death" lawsuits over quality glitches in gasoline cars like Camry and Lexus!

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