2016/17 Mercedes E Class

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So far the best picture I have seen of the all new E Class.
Of course, it is predictable. Since it always looks like a smaller S Class/Larger C Class.

But that’s OK. This looks very nice. A “classic” design that will age well.
And will please all current E Class owners, which is the point.

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  1. Reminds me of the generation before the current one, more elegant, less squared off.

    – Fusioptimasx

  2. Oh those classic 2007 Taurus lines!… I'm sorry… This is a very bland and stale model for Mercedes… My father is 92 and is still to young to drive this car. Timeless perhaps…

  3. Thats as new as VW styling is new, and porsche and bmws etc…. all german cars are too slow in moving ahead. Engineering my a$$

  4. I understand having a brand "look" across models, but give each model SOME distinctive features! I swear I still can't tell a C from an S and I'm a car fanatic.

  5. Okay.

    I'm a bit surprised so many are bashing the looks of the upcoming E. I think it's looking promising, especially considering how the current generation took a step back in the aesthetic department, imho…

  6. Very Classy. Can't believe all the numbnuts complaining. They probably like Lexus' nasty-ass grilles. God forbid an executive sedan have panache and restraint. Gotta have that bling, bitchez!

  7. if you love this car….you will love all current VWs and also any 1980's car. Come on, you dolts, you are in love with the badge not the look! Face it simple sheep.

  8. Das Garbage….oh sorry that's VW tag….
    Benz ..the best or nothing…um, they chose nothing it seems.

  9. Very Classy….

    What is so classy? Can you elaborate? It looks like any generic Japanese mass market sedan, at least in this photo.

  10. 1. If you think this looks like an Accord or Maxima you do not have eyes.
    2. If you actually *do* have eyes, but still can't tell what makes it classy: Long hood. Short front overhang. Large wheels. Long wheelbase. Elegant proportions. Sufficient, but not overdone, chrome accents. Clean, but still interesting, styling. Elegant details, like the smooth arc of the roof and the strong C-pillar.

    I suppose, if you were a child, you might think, gee this looks just like a Honda. However, if you have any grasp of the mechanical architecture that dictates things like axel-to-dash ratio, then you will notice and understand how this care is meaningfully different than a Hyundai Sonata.

    But if you can't see the difference between a Mitsubishi and a Benz, and long for Lexus' mentally ill styling, good for you.

  11. One can have an appreciation for classic design elements and still think this is as boring as hell. There's nothing particularly distinctive or attractive about it at all. And yes, those rims are awful, but even if they were a little jazzier, it wouldn't help much. What a waste of sheet metal.

  12. Much cleaner than the current one.. but not a single step forward in the M-B design canon. Sure, the proportions don't scream Accord or Camry, but the very generic details and shapes do. Hyundai's Genesis is a far more dramatic, upscale-looking design.

  13. ….1. If you think this looks like an Accord or Maxima you do not have eyes.

    Pardon me bozo. I meant it resembles IN THIS PHOTO any Japanese mass market mid size of the early 90s. And save us from your bullshit about classic design and go back to your trailer.

  14. Mr. 7:08

    You seem very angry and defensive. Perhaps I've stuck a chord? Or are you claiming that you do, in fact, have eyes?

    Now you say you meant that it looks like a '91 Camry, is that right? Very astute. Bravo. 20/20, for sure.

  15. Okay.

    Can we call a truce here? I mean, we should ALL reserve judgment until we see the thing in its entirety.

    Just sayin…

  16. Lol I couldn't agree with you more. I love the new c class more than I thought I would and this looks like more to love

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