New Nissan Concept.

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By most accounts, there should be an all new Nissan Leaf sometime next year.
This new concept could be a preview.

So far, we only have this small teaser.
There are also rumors about a range of about 250 miles. Which would be quite an amazing improvement.
And would actually match what Tesla is claiming for its Model III.
Except, the Leaf is much cheaper than the “starting at around $35 000” Model III.

GM’s Bolt is supposed to get around 200 miles on a charge too.

It true, this could put the sub $30 000 Leaf above the competition.

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  1. "Except, the Leaf is much cheaper than the 'starting at around $35 000' Leaf."

    Proofread, Vince. This sentence makes no sense.

  2. It'd be cool if they tried to make the Leaf good looking instead of the goofball insect nerd styling of the current generation.

    I am not holding my breath.

  3. PGA, you are obviously reading too fast. Vince already fixed it but the sentence didn't make sense at all, just because it was basically saying "The Leaf is cheaper than the Leaf".

  4. Nissan is on a roll, I own a competitor brand store to Nissan. I am trying to acquire the local Nissan Store. Very hot product and ver profitable.

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