Subaru Impreza Concept

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 Another Impreza Concept.
Again, let’s hope this actually becomes the next Impreza.

At leas the sketches look great. We will see the actual concept dry soon, and it probably will look great as well.

So gain, there is hope for the Impreza. But we’ve been fooled before…

 This is what they showed us right before the current Impreza came out.
A concept that really looked production ready. So much so that pretty much everyone expected the production car to look almost exactly the same.

We got this instead.

With enough changes to make it one of the lamest offering in its segment.
So sad.

Last year, Hyundai sold about 3 times as many Elantras.
( I am not even mentioning he best sellers like the Civic and Corolla)

A great design like the one pictured in the sketches above (or even something close) would really help Subaru.

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  1. Same o' situation everytime. The sketch is great but then subaru makes piece of crap lookalike car. It's like girl that is gorgeous and sexy but then becomes monster after marriage.

  2. That always bugs me too where they show a design that could easily be translated to productions (taller windows, 4 doors, less windshield rake) and then (as you said) they give us the ugly/boring design. So do they design the ugly in first and then design a nice looking version for the show car? Because how can anyone justify taking a modern design that says 'hey folks look at what great designs we can do' and then bastardize it and make an ugly car. Someone obviously has design talent, so why do they throw it all away? a nice looking show car from 3 years ago doesnt make me want to buy a ugly car today. and arent we fools for being interested in the nice design to then get the ugly for production. Arent they slapping their customers in the face? "we cna do great things…just not for you".

  3. Couldn't agree more Vince. They have zero styling. It must be frustrating for the designers at Subaru… Who is holding them up?

  4. Subaru is already capacity constrained with their current awkward styling. They won't have the ability to build more vehicles until they expand their factory (which is happening now). So, maybe a dopey production car was/is a market-based way of balancing sales goals against potential production volume. In any case, Subaru doesn't need "help". They're profitable. FCA needs help. VW needs help. It's the big guys that can't make the game work.

  5. subaru, has never been a player because they build ugly cars. They are good cars but no better or safer than any top tier name like Nissan, Mazda etc…..
    Plus in head to head comparisons, their awd systems do NOT perform as well as many others. Fact!

  6. Subarus are over-priced. They handle worse than Jeep Compass or Patriot but cost almost as much as Jeep Cherokee (which has a MUCH MUCH MUCH better 4×4 system). They seem to appeal most to women who don't comparison shop cars.

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