Tesla Model X : no more fake grille.

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One thing that always bugged me about the Tesla Model S was the fake grille up front.
Looks like Tesla got rid of it for good with the new Model X.
(Funny how they made it a surprise, as their prototypes were covered enough to make us thing there was a grille.)

Another nice surprise is the giant windshield. Going all the way to the end of the front door.
A really cool feature that must make the car feel different from anything else.

(I have seen this feature on the Opel Astra coupe a few years ago. And some current Citroens also have extended windshields)

But, it still looks like a bloated version of the sporty Model S.
Which might or might not look really weird on the streets.
And the Falcon doors seem way to “showy” for me. And they are slow, so people will be staring at your car. (Or you and your family), for a long time every time you use them.
(Or maybe that’s the point?)

And the range. A bit over 250 miles. Which is fine, but not better than the 4 year old Model S.
Does that mean Tesla isn’t able to do better? At least for a while? In 4 years?

And of course the price. At over $130 000, this is a rich person’s toy.
More “regular” versions will be priced at around $5000 more than the equivalent Model S.

Which still means over $80 000 to start…

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  1. Love that windshield! Too bad you couldn't get that feature in the Saturn Astra coupe when it was available. I wanted to buy one with that glass, but was told it wouldn't be offered here in the states due to "insurance regs". Grrrrrrrrr!

    Wonder how Tesla got theirs past the feds?? Just the same, its' a VERY cool car, and I wish I could afford one! I'll just keep dreaming, and who knows—–maybe Tesla will start a styling trend where we'll see more of those types of windshields on cars.

  2. Wonder what happens when you get in and out of that rear door in heavy rain. Where does the run-off go to?

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