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Sure, it looks a bit slicker when compared to the outgoing model.
But not that much better…

The current one is really nice. Inside and out.

The new one will be more like the new Optima inside. Which isn’t the best. And certainly not an improvement.
Plus, this one already looks  a little bit like the new Volvo S90.

I really wonder why they still bother. They sold only 5898 units last year.
Which is a really low number. Even if the new one doubles or triples the sales, it’ll still be really low.
(The outgoing LaCrosse still sold 35 526 units last year. And 97 271 for the newer Impala!)

Good luck.

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  1. Let me tell you why the current model has not been doing well, Vince. First, the current Cadenza is based on the previous generation Azera. When the current Cadenza was first introduced to the US 5 years ago, it was already the (mid-year) face-lifted version of the original model (it was originally introduced in Asia 3 years prior to the US intro. This means, the current Cadenza is based on a 8-year-old platform which lacks rigidity and weight efficiency.

    This 2016 Cadenza shares everything with the all new 2016 Azera(which is coming soon) under the skin. Which mean, it will finally be ready for the big guns.

  2. The joke of misspelling the name of this car died a LONG time ago, Vince. Move on already. The horse is dead; stop beating it.

  3. certainly a car that would have looked stunning in 1990 to 2000 era. For todays style and tastes it's far behind.

  4. certainly a car that would have looked stunning in 1990 to 2000 era. For todays style and tastes it's far behind.

  5. I see a lot of the Lexus LS in it, which isn't a bad thing, especially given Lexus's recent trend towards the ugly.

  6. Anonymous 10:02 PM, this car is not doing well because it is a Kia and people cannot get over that fact. I own a 2015 Hyundai Genesis and I love it, I don't care if I could have buy a BMW, MB, Lexus or whatever for the same price. The Genesis gave me a lot more for less so I went with it and I'm glad I did. Truth is that not everybody else thinks the same way. And lastly, you might mean the 2017 Azera because the 2016 is already out and it's the same one as the 2015, Hyundai hasn't reveal anything but there's actually a lot of people that think the 2016 will be the last model for the Azera. Now that Hyundai will finally separate the Genesis as a new luxury brand, I think that there will be a new Azera.

  7. Please continue misspelling the name. I've been reading your blog since the Hollywood extra page and I've come to expect and enjoy your jokes and poor grammar.

  8. November 24, 2015 at 5:30 AM Ditto. DITTO DITTO DITTO DITTO DITTO DITTO. I REEEEEEEEEEAAAALLY have zero respect for poor spellers in this era of spell-checkers EVERYWHERE. ESPECIALLY by a "writter" of blogs, or anything else!

  9. Looks like it's using the same platform as the 2015 Sonata/Genesis/Equis/2016 Azera. If so, that alone will be an astronomical improvement!

  10. This is much classier than the current Cadenza, and might actually have a chance at selling in the US.. but they should rename it K700 so the near-luxury-buying crowd might see it as a smaller FWD brother to the K900, kind of like the first Lexus ES was to the LS, instead of just an elongated V6 Optima.

  11. November 25, 2015 at 7:35 AM & November 24, 2015 at 11:44 AM WAKE UP Rip Van Winkle !!! IT"S 2015 !!! Toyota and Honda are no longer perfect; GM & Hyundai/Kia are no longer junk. Did you know that BUICK has some of the most reliable cars anywhere? ( LaCrosse & Encore ) Or that Chrysler-built 4×4's have the hingest resale? (Jeep Wrangler Rubicon) Or that Sonata ECO & Chrysler 200 beat Honda Accord & Toyota Camry in fuel efficiency, safety, and overall value!? Or that the Chrysler out-handles pretty much EVERY OTHER car in it's price class??? NO mfg right now is "consistently junk" OR "consistently the best quality" across ALL model lines — none of them! (And the difference right now between the "worst quality" Make and the "best quality" is less than it was in 2000 between the 1,347th Toyota Camry off the line and the 1,348th ! Wake-up Mr. Van Winkle– It's 2 0 1 5 !!!

  12. "but not that much better."

    I'd have to disagree, Vince. Stylistically, I think the new model has improved leaps and bounds over the current model. The 2016 design has sophistication and poise along with other fancy words. Many Kia designs in the past (esp. the previous gen Cadenza) have looked generic, like something you'd see at an Enterprise Rent-a-Car, but this one has identity and personality and confidence.

    My one gripe: I don't get why Kia's current design style insists on those quad fog lights. Just feels forced and doesn't fit with the rest of the look.

  13. Vince, putting your poor spelling and grammar aside, this car looks great, but the current generation drives like a Buick of the 90s. That and non existent promotion result in zero identity and few sales. If you slap on this new design the Lexus logo, the conversation changes instantly.

  14. yes, why bother selling a car that they build? they should just bury them in a mud pit off the Texas shore. Great point.

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