2017 Fiat 124

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I know this is a Miata with a new body. But since I am not a huge fan of the new Miata design, I actually like this Fiat version better.
Miata fans won’t like it. And Fiat purists might not either. Seeing this as “not a real Fiat”.
What I see is Italian design built in Japan. Which sounds like a great thing.

The only engine announced so far is the 1.4 Liter Turbo with 160hp.
6 speed manual or Auto.

I am seeing the real thing today and will report on it really soon.

The one major let down is the lack of an original interior design.
The Mazda’s is fine. But still, I was hoping for something different, and more fun, for the Fiat version.
(Miata pic above)

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  1. I like it better than the cookie cutter styling of the Mazda… Manual trans is the only way to go.

  2. This is so much nice than the Miata. Fiat simply knows how to design a car and the little details add up to a coherent design. Much cleaner – and a design that will age better than the one of its twin.

    I'm glad to see that the redesign works. On the first spy shots the 124 didn't look good and I feared (for?) the worst. Since Alfa's Giulia isn`t a what I would call an epiphany, I´m glad that at least the 124 seems to be a beautiful car.

    Hopefully, at least some people will like the idea of a Mazda-built Fiat.

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