2017 Jaguar XE prices

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There will be 3 engines available in the US:

-2.0 Liter Turbo with 240HP.         Starts at $34 900
-2.0 Liter Diesel with 180HP.        Starts at $36 400
-3.0 Liter V6 Turbo with 340HP.  Starts at $41 700
-All with 8 speed Auto.

For some reason, I though there was not going to be a 2.0 Turbo in the US.
I had heard the diesel was going to be the base engine for the US.
Either I was day dreaming (which does happen a lot), or they changed their minds after the VW nightmare…

These look like very decent prices for a premium brand.

A 3 series BMW 320 starts at $34 145. But that’s their “super base” model with only 180HP.
To get something similar to the XE 2.0 you’ll need to step up to the 328.
And that one starts at $39 345. Or about $5000 more than the Jaguar.

An Audi A4 will start at $36 825. But that’s for the current model. (The new 2017 will be more).
And of course, the C Class isn’t cheap.
It starts at $39 875.

Even when compared to its non-European competition, it is still a good deal:
-Cadillac ATS 2.0 Liter Turbo : $36 240
-Infiniti Q50: $38 055
-Lexus IS: $38 265

So basically, the new Jaguar is cheaper than any other competing models.

It will get even more competition from the new Audi A4 and the Alfa Romeo Julia.
But so far, the A4 looks pretty terrible. Worse than ever before, especially inside.
And, at least from pictures, the Alfa looks very generic.

I didn’t like the XE at first. But I actually saw one in Europe a few months ago, and it looked pretty good in person.
I will be seeing it for myself tomorrow and will report with comments and pictures.

I think Jaguar might very well have a winner here…

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  1. A large part of the country will not buy the 2.0 Turbo as it's only available in RWD. That means that the base AWD is the Diesel.

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