2017 Kia Codenza

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 An all new design is due out next year. (Although that stupid name will remain…)

Looking good on these sketches (of course)
Interior looks a bit plain. A slight step back. Just like the new Optima compared to the previous, more original, one.

The current model seems to be a really nice car. But they have sold only 9267 units last year, while Toyota sold  67 183 Avalons. (!!!)
 Chevrolet sold an even more impressive 140 280 Impalas!
And the “old” (soon to be replace) Buick LaCrosse still sold 51 468 units.

(I actually had no idea large sedans were still selling that well. )

Looks like Kia has a lot (A LOT!) of catching up to do.
It’s almost weird to see them keep trying, year after year.

How about some advertising? Letting people know that car even exists.

Here is the real thing, caught on the road.

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  1. Vince you right they need to advertise these more.
    Looks like they going for big sales in the future.

  2. You must have amazing sources. How do you get to post these before anybody else in NA? Are you not just one body entity?

  3. It's a good car, but priced right there where the Avalon is. Not that I prefer an Avalon, but if I put myself in the mindset of a buyer for this type of vehicle, for the same money I would go with the Avalon. These are somewhat older, generally conservative buyers who saved for their money and who know from experience how a depreciating hits in the wallet, and the Kia will always take a bigger bite than the Toyota.

    Kia needs to MSRP these at 10% below the Avalon and then be prepared to drop 15% or more from that price to move it.

  4. Vince, WTF is it Constanza or Cadenza? Can you at least correct mistakes without being "so sorry."

  5. I'm pretty sure they will rename it K700 for the US market, if only to attempt to link it to the perceived luxury of the K900.

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