2017 Subaru Impreza Sedan

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 So, there was yet another Impreza Concept at the autoshow last week. ( You can still see it in L.A)
And now, we can see a prototype of the real thing.
And, as usual, it is quite a let down. As you can see.

Now when you compare it to the current one (above), it even doesn’t seem that modern either…
I mean sure, it is better. But we are taking about 2017 here. 
And by the way, this is the “old” 2010 Impreza concept. 
Which still looks a million times better than the production car. 
But also, to me, still looks more modern than this week’s concept.

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  1. I do like Subarus. And I want to love them.

    But I think putting out designs that are the most boring ones in the business isn't the way to go.
    It is a corky brand, like Saab was and Citroen.
    Citroen just announced they will push their designs even further, which is great.
    They aren't trying to sell cars to everybody.

    That's what Subaru should do. They put out really good cars.

    The should look as good as they are.

  2. It almost seems like the 2 concept cars are the same car with different detailing, which leads me to expect that the letdown with the production car will be the same. They should just stop producing "concept" cars and just show the real thing with whacky wheels and call it a concept – like Honda does.

  3. Let's be frank girls. Subaru has never won any design contests. They just wish to tease us that one day they will come up with something attractive. That is why they show up in autoshows.

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