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Even though it still looks really good, the current CX-9 has been in production for 9 years.
Yes, 9 years!

So a new one is due. Really.
And, from that (exaggerated) sketch, it looks like another winner for Mazda.

It will probably dump the V6 for a turbo 4. Or at least a large 2.5 Liter in the base model.
The current V6 is a Ford engine. And Mazda doesn’t have one of their own.
Plus, Gas mileage…

On another note, it looks like the grille has officially become the bumper now.
At least on some cars. (like this one)
I remember the “old days” when the bumper’s job was to protect the grille and headlights.

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  1. I love it so far. Mazda's doing a great job. But this needs a small inline 6cyl (not a turbo 4) and to get away from the stark black+ivory colored interiors, if they want to see decent sales. The current CX9 is maybe the best looking larger SUV out there, in my opinion. Keep it up, Mazda.

  2. mazdas reason for not being very successful has nothing to do with the styling or the quality if the product. Those are top tier. It's weak marketing, weak leadership ( management) and a focus on handling that no one cares about. We want a comfortable, quiet safe ride. That's it. If they are trying to be the japanese BMW, it's a mistake and it shows in their lack of success in sales numbers.

  3. Mazda needs desperately engines producing HP and torque in the mid to high 200s for all its models. Then it will be a game changer. Until then it will still wonder why its cars are not selling.

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