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I was really impressed by the new Lincoln MKX. A very nice looking SUV. And an even better interior.
And it starts at about $3000 less than the new Lexus RX350. (The one that was design in Bizarro world)
I just noticed how nice of a place this would be to travel. Or just drive around every day.
Good job Lincoln!

Now I just hope they won’t force the new horrific Continental mouth on it next year like they just did with the MKZ…

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  1. I have seen the new Cadillac CT6 cruising around Washington D.C., especially in the Capitol Hill area. The CT6 has a very commanding, stately presence in person and is quite eye-catching with the teardrop LED DRLs. It'll be a great replacement for the epsilon-based XTS sedan, which is everywhere in DC and looks great from certain angles and awkward at other angles due to the design limitations of its FWD platform.

  2. Are you comparing a Black Label version of the Lincoln MKX to a standard Cadillac XT5? At any rate, the Lincoln and Cadillac interiors looks great. There are worse interiors in other rival CUVs so cut Cadillac some slack. And it would be a fairer comparison if you took a picture of the Cadillac interior with all infotainment system and the lights on as you did for the Lincoln.

  3. The XT5 at the Auto Show is not standard. It is a loaded model. (Both of them) The lights were not on, but that's it.

    I think the XTS interior is light years ahead of the sad looking CT6.
    I do agree about the FWD limitations.
    Which means there are no excuses for the CT6 to look this bad.

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