BMW Compact Sedan Concept

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 They’re not calling it the 1series sedan, but that’s pretty much what it is.
We all know by now that a new 1 series hatch is due out pretty soon. Based on the same platform as the Mini and BMW Active Tourer.
And a new sedan style will be added to the lineup (After years of rumors). So they can finally sell it in the US.
(Where, you know, we apparently don’t like hatchbacks…)

It looks cute. Exactly like it is supposed to be. A smaller 3 series.
Just like the Audi A3 looks like a small A4.
Even inside, once you get past the crazy “Show car bits and lights”, it’s pretty much the same but smaller.
So it’ll work. People want their BMWs. And it they can get one for less money, they will.
And, being FWD, it might actually be about as roomy as the 3 series.

This is the real thing testing in Europe.
Which looks pretty much the same as the concept.

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  1. Since I cant' physically fit in a 3-series (except for the GT); I, like many well-off Americans, can't get too excited about this. But if you are the size of the average immigrant from South America who's looking to upgrade from a Corolla or Cruise — I can see that this might fit the bill! Now if we can just get BMW to improve the exterior of the 5 GT and bring a version down to 528xi prices !!!

  2. If you can't physically fit into a 3-series, it has nothing to do with how well off you are and a lot to do with how much you put down your throat all day. I'm pretty sure I am well off and that I can fit into the smallest cars on the markets anywhere.

    Now, the first thing that stood out on this 1-series is that obnoxious front schnauz protruding out forward when viewing the profile. I know it has to do with the FWD aspect, but that looks absolutely terrible. It's not just the front-overhang aspect, but they exaggerated it with the blunt forward leaning front grille drawing to a point with the hood. It looks terrible, but the rest is okay.

  3. November 20, 2015 at 10:31 AM My inability to fit into the tiny 3-series Probably has more to do with power-lifting & being 6'6" –than eating. My inability to buy a 3 Gt or 5 GT has to do with my good taste! Why oh why can't BMW get back to the uniquely distinctive styling of Chris Bangle???!!! If only the 5 GT looked like an A7; or if the new 7-series looked like the "8/9-series" prototypes we keep seeing. Or like the upcoming Austin Martin Sedan. BMW is so close on performance–yet so far off on style. Maybe they could borrow a couple stylists from Cadillac or Mercedes or Chrysler; just to clean-up the brutal ugliness of their line! The last BMW that I recently traded in (on a competing brand) may be my last BMW–at least for the forSEEable future!

  4. "power-lifting and being 6-6"

    You sound like such a tool. Actually, your first post made you seem like a tool- This second one pushed you over the douche scale.

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