Finally. After all these years…. Alfa in the US

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  1. Vince,

    Now that you've seen both the Alfa and the new Jaguar, how do they compare?

    They will both be sold with 2 litre turbo fours and manual transmissions (base model), presumably around the same price.

  2. Well…
    The Alfas were all locked.
    (Pretty much the only ones in the whole show) So I got to see the interior through the windows.
    It looked just fine.
    But still a bit generic. (The exterior is extremely generic)

    As for the XE, I got to sit in it. (Will post pix soon)
    It doesn't look as cheap as in some of the pictures I saw earlier.
    Still. The lack of wood is weird for a Jag. And it doesn't seem amazing at all.
    But much better (to me) than the new A4. Or 3 series.

    I really think the C-Class interior is ahead of everyone in that price range/size

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