Genesis G90 = All new Hyundai Equus

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The Equus is dead, long live the Genesis G90.
Hyundai has finally decided to see its luxury cars under another brand called Genesis.
The new Equus will be the top go the line. Now called the Genesis 90.
It will be joined by the “face lifted” Genesis sedan” and the all new coupe.
As well as a couple of SUVs and a smaller sedan.

This is the real thing.
So we’re talking conservative here. Nothing crazy. (And not nearly as nice as the teaser sketches above…)

As we know, this will never attract people who are looking for an S Class, a 7 series or an A8.

It is mainly going after the Lexus LS.
But also the new Cadillac C6 and maybe even the new Lincoln Continental.

The Equus sold 3415 units last year.
While Lexus sold 8559 units of the LS sedan.
And the LS is also all new for next year.

So Hyundai really needs to push that new brand. Which will help a lot.
So far, the current Equus starts at $61 000. While the Lexus is at $73 500.
Which is not that much of a difference. Especially considering the Lexus excellent reputation.

And let’s not forget the new comer, the Cadillac CT6.
Which will start at around $53 500. (Although this is for the 2.0 Liter model.
The V6 starts at $55 500. And $64 400 for the V6 turbo)

I think the CT6 might be the one to watch. As recent Cadillac sedans have been great drivers.

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  1. You are 100% correct Sir! Sorry, I was referring to Carsdirect "target price" for a 2015 model. My mistake. (The Equus price was also wrong for the same reason)

    All this makes the CT6 an even better deal…

  2. Vince your comments errantly suggest Lexus excellent reputation. You musty know toyota and lexus are one in the same and this excellent reputation you mention, brought them a 1.2 BILLION dollar fine so executives could avoid jail time for hiding safety information that KILLED human beings……
    these bit@#e$ are worse than VW

  3. Vince, this car may be the biggest automotive blunder since the VW Phaeton. and BTW, toyota and lexus have horrible reps.

  4. The current Equis is every bit as good–if not better than the top-of-the-line Lexus. But neither of them handles like a 7-series or S-class. All things considered, I think the Cadillac CT6 will prove to be the smart choice in the $50k-$100k range. Although the latest Genesis will be a close 2nd.

  5. I totally agree it's about time for the Equus name to die and for Genesis to become a full-fledged stand-alone brand.. but do we really need another alphanumeric badge ending in 90? Volvo has the XC90 and is about to launch the S90 and V90, and Infiniti will likely soon introduce a Q90 and QX90.. too bad Hyundai/Genesis couldn't do something more innovative now that it has a chance.

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