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This is the replacement for the Hyundai Equus.

And, so far, looking the part of an expensive sedan. Unlike the new Cadillac CT6.
(Which is such a huge disappointment in real life)

They claim it will cost the same as the current model. So figure around $62 000.
(although it might actually be cheaper since the base model will now be a V6)

They still say it is a competitor to the BMW 7 series and the Mercedes S Class. Which is it not. Since BMW and Mercedes buyers (especially high end) almost never look at anything else.

But now that is is its own brand (kind of) and not sold as a Hyundai, it might actually have a much better chance against Lexus and Cadillac.
Plus, it will (hopefully) get all the advertising money that comes with launching a new brand.

I think this could repeat what Lexus did with the original LS sedan .
An attractive, less expensive,  alternative to some of the established players. (Lexus was also brand new then)

The current LS sedan starts at around $73 000.
The poor CT6 starts at $54 000. But that’s for a 2.0 Liter Turbo.
Otherwise you pay $56 000 for the V6. Or $65 000 for the V6 Turbo AWD.

As for leasing, (Since most of these big sedans are leased anyway, Lexus offers the LS for $799 a month with $5000 due at signing.
While the current Equus is $669 a month with $2500 due at signing.
Not that huge of a difference. (Although again, the V6 would be less.)

The G90 V6 might be priced at around the same, or even less, than the CT6 V6.
While looking 100 times more like the luxury car it is supposed to be.

This could be interesting…

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  1. This most certainly looks the part! This will ultimately bring people in for the rest of the lineup!

  2. I agree with you. I just wish they had done Genesis as a separate brand from the beginning- I think then it could have created the buzz that Lexus did. But I don't think this 'new' Brand will get that kind of attention now. Everyone is too familiar with Genesis as a Hyundai car. Just like When they made RAM a separate brand – Which most people don't even know and still think of it as a dodge.

  3. If they had launched Genesis imediatley as a seperate brand, chances of copying Lexus would have been better IMO. As such, it is now a collection of RWD previously Hyundais, kind off. Also, teh LS had stand out NVH refinement, especially teh engine, and great build and quality from day one. So apart form being cheaper, it was also better in some ways than the then established players (which are actually the same one as today, only now Lexus is there too). This seems still too reliant on price, not really beating the big players at any technical game. Plus, it looks like a blend of Mercedes and Audi, with zero identity (okay, that went for the first LS as well)..

  4. Overall it looks great.. the Genesis wildly eclipsed the Equus in style/cachet after its redesign, but this brings the bigger brother right back up in line with it. Very surprised they kept the Equus-shaped taillights, which I actually thought never looked very prestigious, but they do look slightly better here and at least more distinctive than the ones on the smaller Genesis.

  5. While this is decent, I totally disagree about the CT6. The CT6 is impressive in person. It has definite presence. I have seen two black ones running around Chicago, and I knew it was something special as soon as I saw it. Have pics to prove it.

  6. Greetings!

    They needed to upgrade the image of Hyundai.
    So they used great cars like the Genesis to accomplish that.

    If they released the Genesis brand right away, people would not buy in droves because, who wanted to buy a crappy Hyundai with another badge on it.


  7. Love the side and rear profiles. The front is a little to Audi and Hyundai Genesis for my tastes. Hope they improved the interior as well. A G90 with a V6 option and priced around $55K would be quite the game changer. Also, they should call it the G900 as the G90 is to close the the old Infiniti models and G900 sounds more luxurious.

  8. Captain, I fear G900 would be a little too close to Kia's K900.. but why can't they just call it the Genesis Equus, and come up with a new name for the regular Genesis?

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