Goodbye Art Fitzpatrick

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Mr. Fitzpatrick and his partner Van Kaufman did amazing illustrations for GM for decades.
Amazing artwork that would make generations dream about new cars.

These beautiful illustrations made the cars look even better. By cheating a little bit. Making then lower and wider that they actually were.
All in such a wonderful realistic way, unlike the crazy (vulgar) exaggerated “official sketches” we see these days.

Mr.Fitzpatrick was drawing the cars while Mr.Kaufman was doing the backgrounds.
They would both spend time un Europe every year scouting for beautiful and exotic locations. Coming back right on time to illustrate all the new year’s models.

Amazing skills that are now gone.
(The horrible pictures Honda has published for the release of the new Civic, sedan and coupe, are ugly enough to make you cry.)

You can see much more of their beautiful work.

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  1. LOVE this artwork. What a time to live for a car junkie — the 1960's & early '70's When S T Y L E RULED!!! Nowadays you can hardly tell a Fusion from An Avalon; or a Legacy, or a Sonata, or A 5GT, or an A7, or a passat , or an Impala–or New Malibu, or Genesis, or MKZ, Chrysler200, or any of the zillions of other 6-window/4-door/fastback/mid-sized sedans wandering around dealer lots everywhere. Reaaaalllly miss when design was relevant!

  2. Yep, this guys talent was impressive. Has all that Mad Men style with it too. I now have a new place to get some wallpaper from!

  3. Thanks Vince! This is simply passion for beauty and a lot of talent. We need more beauty in this time of new car that are designed too much tortured and damaged in his body shell

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