Infiniti Q30/QX30

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 They are basically the same car. The QX is just a raised up AWD version of the Q.
And they both look great in person.

I am still surprised that Infiniti decided to bring both to the US. Which is great news.
I think they look as good (maybe better) as the Mercedes GLA they are based on.

 And they are roomy.
The top picture shows the back seat room for the QX30.
While the bottom pic is from the larger Q50.

Interior is really nice. (Although they might have gone a bit overboard with the stitching, since it is everywhere). Everything feels good and really solid.
And yes, as you can see, many of the switchgear is straight from Mercedes.

I cannot wait to see pricing on these.
And hope it is a hit for Infiniti.

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  1. if INFINITI is smart there will be at least one model with a price at $29,999. Even if it a loss leader and to hard to find just to get people in the door. I am hearing a starting price of $32k though so far. But nothing from credible sources.

    My only gripe besides not using a nissan engine would be how close the Q and QX look. They are too hard to tell apart. All nissan had to do was make the wheel arches and any other black unpainted plastic body color matched.

  2. It looks good and unusual, but its design makes the hatch look more or less worthless. Can you store anything back there Vince?

  3. There is plenty of room for the back seat and the trunk.
    Plus the back seat folds down, like any hatchbacks.

  4. The $32K price could be for the AWD QX model. That could still mean $30 for the Q. Which would be OK. But not amazing… I think it should be $28 000/$30 000.

    And sorry, I don't have more pix of the Q30s….

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