More pictures of the all new 2016 Honda Civic Coupe

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What is wrong with Honda’s PR department?!?!
A few months ago we got these “1st official” horribly fake looking pictures of the new Civic sedan.
Now we get horribly depressing interior color. I mean look at this!

Grey interiors can be nice. Very nice.
But this is terrible. It makes the whole thing look like a horrible place to be.
Which is really too bad since the interior design is actually fine.
(Although not a big fan of the weird fake looking metal/plasticky thing along the dashboard)
Let’s hope they do have another color combo at the auto show…

Now for the car. I think the rear view looks pretty heavy. Almost weird.

And again, good luck loading stuff through what has to be a tiny trunk opening.

But, no matter what, it is great to see a giant car maker like Honda still coming up with 2 door cars.
This is pretty rare.
 Good for them for still offering coupe versions of the Civic and Accord.

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  1. From the side view , it seems evident that the rear side design was inspired by snails or earthworms; I was puking as I am looking at it . And the unpainted black plastic patches all over the front face makes it look extremely cheap and fragile. Lastly, the rear fact looks like a frightened weasel face.

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