2016 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid price

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The all new Malibu hybrid will start at $28 645.
Not that cheap. But it is not available as a base model.
Only as a well equipped LT model. Which then makes it “only” about $2700 more than the
regular non-hybrid Malibu LT.

It does get amazing mileage for a mid size car. (It is now larger than ever)
It is rated at 48 MPG city and 45 HWY

So let’s compare it to the competition:

-Camry hybrid.   $27 000. 43City/39HWY
-Accord Hybrid  $29 300. 50city/45HWY
-Fusion Hybrid    $26 000. 47city/41HWY
-Jetta Hybrid       $31 100. 45city/45HWY
-Sonata Hybrid   $26 000. 40city/44 HWY

A few notes about these:
– The Fusion is cheaper. But that is for a very basic model. So it comes up to about the same as the Malibu with a few options to match.
-The idiots at VW have no clue what to do with the Jetta Hybrid.
I test drove it a while ago, and thought it was a great car. It used to be around $26 000. The next year they bumped it up to over $28 000.
Now its only available as a SEL Premium loaded model for over $31 000.
Amazing how these people are unable to market a good car in the largest market in the world for hybrids…
-Once again, the Sonata (Even though it is brand new), is far behind in the hybrid game…

So the new Malibu seems really well priced. And, a plus for me, it does offer that cool double sunroof option. It also looks really good in person, inside and out.

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  1. Disappointing that GM couldn't get the price under $26,000. No one is going to look at an Accord or Camry and end up getting a Malibu. GM's reliability doesn't work in their favour. If anything, they should be trying to take sales from the Fusion.

  2. Fusion only gets 44/42/41 mpg. The Sonata actually gets similar real-world mpg to that and Camry. The Accord and Malibu certainly get about 10% better mpg.

    But they are not really behind completely if you consider they have now a 27 mile PHEV. Much longer range than anything in this class and with larger cargo space.

  3. All pretty close in combined mpg except Accord and Malibu:

    Accord hybrid: 47 mpg combined (but n/a until next model year)
    Malibu hybrid: 47 mpg combined
    Jetta hybrid: 44 mpg combined
    Fusion hybrid: 42 mpg combined
    Sonata hybrid: 41 mpg combined
    Camry hybrid: 41 mpg combined

    Accord is skipping model year so Malibu is right now most efficient. Jetta is really bottom at this since it's a much smaller car.

    Price I think is in line with expectations since not a base model and pretty efficient. Not sure about resale value though.

  4. Vince, what is also not mentioned here is that Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai have their own hybrid technology. Both GM and Ford hybrids are mainly (about 90%) on the licensed version Toyota hybrid technology.

  5. The only competition here is really the Accord from an MPG perspective. Problem is there aren't many of those around, so the 'base price' is really just a PR number. If you're lucky enough to find one, then it'll be a premium model. I do still prefer the look of the current accord Hybrid to the new Malibu however; but don't like the interior of the accord (prefer the Malibu)

    GM's QC has improved dramatically, but I think (as someone mentioned above) it'll only really steal from Fusion; probably Hyundai as well. Camry owners aren't ready to realize that their offering is not as good as what they think it is.

  6. The sweet spot in this arena is the Hyundai Sonata ECO. ($24k base; $28k with Nav, leather, cruise/air/tilt and power lumbar.) Mileage is 28/38; but to get to a typical Hybrids mileage you wind up spending more up front (even before adding the extra sale tax and compound interest) which pushes your "break-even" beyond the average time people keep a car. (The picture favors Sonota Eco even more if you lease!) And the Hyundai is a bit bigger than most of these others, which is probably the MOST important factor if you yourself are either big or tall. But if you're family is all short enough to be comfortable in a smaller mid-size, the Chrysler 200 has the highest level of quality and most comfortable seats in this segment. Crash tests are the best you can get–but you will pay more for that quality, and a smidge more in gas–especially with the big (295 HP) v-6 and all-wheel-drive.

  7. December 10, 2015 at 11:08 AM For the last few years Malibu has actually had better reliability than Accord or Camry. Granted, reliability from the worst to the best isn't much difference these days (certainly not like it was 10 years ago) but if your splitting hairs and reliability and quality are your top priorities, Malibu will be your best bet.

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