2017 Buick Envision

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Nothing “all new” since this has been on sale in China for a while.

We now know that the US version will get the 2.0 Liter Turbo with 252HP.
With a 6 speed auto (Where is GM’s new 8 speed?)

It is based on the same platform as the new Cadillac XT5.
And, I must say, the Buick interior (Even if it appears a bit “overdone” on these pix) seems to be 100 times more luxurious than the Cadillac version.
( I sat in the Cadillac and it is a sad thing inside)

But… The BIG news is that it will be imported from China.

I personally don’t see this as good news. At all.
You know it won’t be cheaper to buy because of it.
It just means more profits from GM.
And I’m not even talking about US jobs lost.

As far as quality. No one knows yet…

Coming to the US next summer.

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  1. Obviously this will have to pass all US safety regulations. So it should be fine, but, then again, this is GM..

  2. Maybe there'll be a learning curve as far as quality goes, but they'll get there because they have to. Can only be better than Chrysler's made in the US quality.

    On the other hand, your point about US jobs is important: is this why we bailed them out, so they could send jobs overseas? That's the last time I support a GM bailout.

  3. If Hillary or Bernie are elected; GM will probably move its whole headquarters out of the USA. (To avoid the high taxes) –just like Chrysler did a couple years ago. As for the car, all I can say is "what took so long?" Buick is probably the closest competitor to Lexus–apples to apples– and the Lexus RS 350/350+ have been strong sellers for years already. Does this look better than the Lexus? ABSOLUTELY!!!! MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER–INSIDE ESPECIALLY!!! But coming so late to the party will probably be a major obstacle to taking market share from Lexus. Peole are creatures of habit–especially the old people who buy the Lexus RS 350–and old habits don't change just because something better comes along!

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