2017 Buick Envision

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This is the first batch of the new Buick Envision, heading for the US.
From China….

So this is it. Chinese made Buicks are coming.

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  1. Just like Apple, GM is tapping the manufacturing class population. These cars are going to be good. Real good…

  2. Just like Apple, GM is tapping the manufacturing class population. These cars are going to be good. Real good…

  3. Ok.

    Is that really his name? David Buick? I expected it to be something more regal (pun intended), like Sir Costingworth Buick or something…

  4. aH-so. the Red Chinese are coming to a Buick Dealer near you! (Hopefully not with the quality surprises & toxic contaminations we've come to export from a Socialist State!)

  5. So this is what American taxpayers accomplished by bailing out the old bankrupt company?

    Now we get cars… that are being made in China??

    Something's really, really wrong with the turn of events. Sickening, really.

  6. I absolutely would! They are very attractive, in the hottest-selling market segment at the moment. Buick should have a success on its hands.

  7. In response to the anti-China morons:
    – GM is alive and well, making profits, employing hundreds of thousands of well-paid US workers.
    – Buick sells many, many more cars in China than in the US
    – 90% of the consumer products you buy at Wal Mart and Target are … made in China.
    – Japanese and Korean cars – now the (or among the) best selling cars were once considered crap. Funny how things change, isn't it?
    – Many American-made cars have burst into flames. Do you think all America products will also do the same? No? Why not?

    Happy New Year to the haters.

  8. TO: December 30, 2015 at 6:01 PM & January 1, 2016 at 10:51 AM 1) Chinese is not Japanese or Korean. The first Chinese vehicle — put of the thousands made by the many many Chinese Car Manufacturers; first on to ever come even close to passing US Government Safety Tests ( Let alone IIHS tests) is the Volvo XC90. China has a well-established reputation the world over for producing extremely poor quality and inherently UNsafe vehicles. Not Japan, Not Korea, — CHINA. To the "anti-China moron guy": What you see as "China Skeptics" I see as "US Policy Skeptics". Not so much upset with China's reputation for poor quality and lack of safety and reliability, as being more a criticism of a Government that gave billions in tax dollars to GM ( just to watch it move production & jobs to China) and billions more to Chrysler (which moved it's headquarters, highest-paying white collar jobs and profits (i.e.tax payments) OUTSIDE the US the first chance they got. This event is symbolic of a much bigger change in the American Auto Industry than just a relocation of production. Remember when it was assumed that "What's good for GM is good for the country"? Well, what's a good "short-term" move for GM stockholders will probably be a very bad "long-term" move for America. The start of a whole new trend, not just in car janufacturing–but in the lifestyle of all future Americans as well. It symbolizes a major shift in America's relationship with the car. Not just in the direction of GM/s future — but in the direction of America's as well!

  9. Finally a realistic analisys. Is really simple to think in a short term: China is the nation-manufacurer for the whole world. Apple made is products in China and will do the same. With this brilliant behavior we have low cost and a big market in hour hands. The story will be really differents. We are looosing day after day our leadership. Now China need us, our know-how and technology but in the future no more. In the future Chineses will need ground, pure air and water, food without toxic elements. And they will use the supremacy to find these things. This is a long term analisys

  10. Not sure I understand why people are dumping on GM for making a CUV in China.
    – GM makes LOTS of cars outside of the USA; does that mean the Canadian made cars are garbage?
    – Apple, pretty much every electronic device is made in China.
    – GM sells LOTS of Buicks in China – if they can sell more cars b/c a car is made in China (they ARE a protective country) – why wouldn't they??

  11. Dear Mr. Deep Long Term Analysis:

    Why you not write so much good english words. Is not part of lurneeng? So deap. So derp.

    Well thanks.

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