2017 Buick Regal Tour X coming up?

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GM patented the name TourX for the next Buick Regal.
Which is good news. Really.
(The pic above is just an illustration of the Opel version)

That’ll be yet another wagon type car competing with the Subaru Outback.
Since VW is also sending us the AllTrack version of the Golf Wagon.

The European Opel version of the Regal (The Opel Insignia) has been available as a wagon for years.
And also as this AWD version called the Country Tourer.

(The “X” in TourX probably stands for AWD)

Are wagons slowly making a come back in the US???

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  1. Vince, for some reason after getting into your site, there is a totally goofy and irritating redirect to some free apps. Can you do something about it in the Christas spirit?

  2. As are Lexus and Toyotas – but I bet you'd beat their doors down to drive one of those two cars. Get over yourself with this Buick is for senior citizens BS! Even Consumer Reports picked a Buick over the beloved BMW! Things change…obviously readers of this page and lovers of everything expect foreign cars don't.

  3. The only thing that"old" is some people's ideas about Buick. Buick is again making stylish vehicles that are substantial and premium. (Just because their cars and SUVs are comfortable doesn't necessarily make them for senior citizens.)

  4. I think Buick itself has unwittingly created the "Buick is for geriatrics only" image by aggressively going after the same customers who buy Lexus (which has a pretty elderly average age among it's repeat buyers). Buick was TRYING to show that their quality was as good or better than Lexus (was before the wrongful death lawsuits) and in the process the profile of the "typicle" Lexus buyer has unfortunately rubbed off on Buick. The good news is that Buick is now perceived as equal to Lexus in quality. The bad news is that Buick is now perceived as equal to Lexus as far as the average owner's age. All of which is just a marketing issue–not a vehicle or performance issue. But one that Buick should probably address, nonetheless.

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