2017 Honda Odyssey?

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Just a few more pictures of that Minivan prototype spied in the L.A area.

I was told it was the next Honda Odyssey. Which does make sense.
So I guess next year’s big news will be the battle of minivans, between the new Odyssey and the new Town & Country…

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  1. Don't expect the Odyssey to raise the bar or set any new trends. They know the new Chrysler will be a big leap in technology and if Honda (or anybody) is going to stay in the game, they at LEAST have to "muddy the waters" a bit.

  2. If it is an Odyssey, it will be the first one that incorporates the sliding door groove into the rear window. Prior models had it cut into the rear quarter panel and only the Sienna and Chrysler vans disguised it in the window area.

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