2017 Honda Odyssey

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Apparently, this is actually the next Honda Odyssey for 2017. (So I’ve been told)

It is still pretty covered up. And it looks like… A minivan.
So don’t except anything original.

So far I think the best looking one out there is the new Kia Sedona. Which does have a really nice, almost non-minivan, interior.

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  1. Minivans are all about utility–the "Swiss Army Knife" of vehicles, so to speak. If the 2nd row can't fold instantly into the floor–what's the point??? I love the fact that I can take 7 people somewhere, drop off 5, drop the 2nd & 3rd rows into the floor in 1 minute, load up an 8hp snowthrower and a 60" flat screen TV, deliver it home and come back to pick up the 5 I dropped off just 30 minutes before. VERSATILITY. If a minivan can NOT do that — I don't need it. I'll get an SUV instead. That's what I love most about my current minivan (which has HEATED seats and power recliners that "Stow & GO" into the floor in seconds.) Unless this new Oddessy can do all that — all that my 2010 nappa leather laden, 10-speaker infinity luxo-utility-van can do—-
    I have no interest at all.

  2. This might be a significant update. Notice that the slider track is now "hidden" below the rear glass instead of in the middle of the rear fender. The previous iterations of their minivan all had the track in the rear fender, because the chassis was carried over from model to model, indicating far less change than the updated sheetmetal would lead one to believe. Perhaps Honda have finally put a bit more effort and money into an update for the Odyssey.

  3. Mr62Lincoln……. So what you're suggesting is that the current Oddyssey (a copy of the previous generation 2001 Chrysler minivans in overall shape, size and configuration–if not in detail– will be upgraded to be even closer to the (2001-2007) Chryslers. Effectively "catching up" to the #1 seller by copying it's "hidden" center track (just days before Chrysler "leapfrogs" them again to premier a whole new way to slide the 2nd row doors.) I think it's time to sell my Honda stock and buy FCA. Selling about half (or fewer) as many minivans as Chrysler has consistently sold (every year for 30 years) is the best Honda can hope for–no matter what they do!

  4. Calm down Sally. I'm simply observing that Honda appear to have done more than a superficial reskin.

    By the way, the Chrysler twins sold 191,000 units in 2015; Honda sold 128,000 Odysseys. That's more than 50% of Chrysler's total. Sorry for providing facts.

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