2017 Volvo S90

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 Here it is, finally. The new “big” Volvo sedan, after 10 years of the current S80.
(Which, i must say, aged quite well)
Lower and sportier, It looks much better than the XC90 it is based on.
The interior is even better. Closer to the concept we saw last year.

In real life, the XC-90 interior is superb. It feels like a cocoon in a tank.

Otherwise, nothing crazy here, just very elegant. (Although the rear view seems a bit “heavy”)
And still much more original than an Audi A6.
BMW and Mercedes owners will probably stick to their choices, as they usually do.

And it should be priced bellow the $50 000 XC-90 (?)

And look at this!
I posted earlier this door picture from the all new Jaguar XF. (A car that starts at $52 000)
Above it is the new S90.

I mean really. the difference is so amazing that it could be funny.
Or we could be crying about what Jaguar has become…

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  1. I'm laughing, because as soon as I saw the doors of the new S90 this morning, I thought about what you wrote. They look very nice, and do shine a poor light on the Jaguar.

  2. I'm a Volvo guy…Have had 7…currently have an S60 Polestar R-Design. This car looks amazing. They are focusing on clean lines and strong design unlike Lexus and Infinity who OVER Design their cars. Volvo's head interior designer was most recently over interior design at Bentley. It shows. This is class. Audi, should take note.

    Jaguar has lost their way. They tried to be bold by moving away from their classic designs year ago, but they need to go back. WAY WAY BACK!

  3. They literally KILLED this car with those awful rear lights!! The rest of the car is absolutely stunning. Athletic, sculpted and fresh. But that rear end is a joke.

  4. this thing is fucking gorgeous. So well done. And that interior. Magnificent.

    That Jaguar door makes me want to barf. Disgusting.

  5. Vince the XE starts at $35K. That said saw the XE last week and nothing special. Exterior looked like smaller XF which hasn't changed either in long time.

  6. Wow, this is quite classy. And that interior is Audi-grade for sure. Can't wait to check this one out.

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