Acura Precision Concept

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Acura will be showing this all new sedan concept at the Detroit Auto Show this year.

They say it ” shows the styling and proportions of the next generation of Acura sedans”.
But the only sedan model they have scheduled (or should be) for a new design would be the RLX.
That big super boring Legend replacement.
(The one nobody knows it’s still around.)

So this could be a preview. As their other models are still too new. Except the ILX usually follows the Civic by a year or so. But this looks larger.

And please, (while you’re t it), bring back the name “Legend”.
And “Integra” a year after that.


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  1. The RLX is relatively new. Is it 2 years I believe? So can't be that.
    The proportion look pretty small and maybe a coupe. Maybe a RC competitor?
    I hope not another sedan…

  2. This is probably the ILX, which should be an upgrade on the current one after recently briefly driving the new Civic.

    Regarding the Legend name, I owned a '93 LS Legend sedan. Sporty and real nice, a real drivers car. Acura's current and past large sedans don't deserve the Legend name.

  3. Going back to names is never gonna happen. Volume luxury brands from Acura to Lincoln to Mercedes are all stuck on alphanumeric conventions to fit in the same flock together.

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