All new Hyundai EQ900/Genesis G90

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The one pictured here is the Korean Version, the EQ900.
So there might still be some small differences with our Genesis G90.

It looks OK. Maybe it’s more impressive in person.
But it still has that “a few years ago” feeling to it. A few steps behind the best.
It does look better than the current one, but not as great as that 2 door concept we saw just a few months ago. Not even close.

Of course, it is quite cheaper than the German rivals. But really, not a true competition since a Mercedes or BMW owner will never consider this. No matter what.

More engines are available now. A V6, V6 Turbo and the usual V8.

The interior especially, seems a bit behind in style. Especially after seeing the new Volvo S90 and Mercedes E Class.

I wonder if they will sell many more of this one than the current version.
It’s biggest competition is actually the Lexus LS. Which is all new in just a few months.

That should be interesting…

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  1. If Mercedes and BMW owners were really as loyal as you say; Audi & Lexus would not exist. It won't happen overnight–but the writing is on the wall for the 2 Germans. BMW in particular had better up their game on the design field or it will clearly surrender some market share to the Koreans in the future.

  2. I have to disagree with you Vince. This car is on par with what Mercedes has to offer, and is a better thought-out designed interior. Just looking at the new E-Class interior and it is like a bunch of different designers vomited their design philosophies throughout the cabin. There is no congruity to it, it clashes from being high-tech to sporty to opulent and failing in it's execution in all areas. I won't say that the Genesis cars have the same quality of materials (though I wouldn't bet against their reliability compared to Merc…) but they aren't far behind in that respect either. The G90 dash in particular strikes me as a well though-out and cohesive design compared to the smorgasbord dash in the S-Class. And the styling of the car also has a commanding presence compared to the wilted and melted look of Benzes of late. Were I in the market for a large, luxurious car I would certainly consider the G90 against the others.

  3. Really Genesis? Ripping off Audi A8 interior. As if they bought the over stock Audi interior parts.

  4. This is going to sound bad, but this thing has an old school Hyundai XG350 feel to it. Especially compared to the new E class interior we just saw.

  5. To DRB. That's because you have an open mind. (Most Benz/BMW owners don't)

    I must say that I was very impressed with the Kia K900 when I sat in it. It is very luxurious.
    I guess the new Genesis would be the same way. It does have a bit on=f an old fashion feel to it.

    But, It also felt like a guilty pleasure. Which sometimes can be very nice…

  6. Not bad. The 3/4 profile looks good, but the front is to much Audi and Hyundai Genesis up front. Also, the square plastic for the cameras behind the grille looks terrible. The name should be G900, as G90 sounds cheap like an old Infiniti model or something. The interior is slightly better, but to many buttons and chrome on the center stack and a hate flat LCD gauges. At least trim in round silver like real gauges or used the new Sharp free form OLED panels. Finally, the wheels are bad and rear LCD screens look like a couple of aftermarket Kmart Kraco specials Velcroed to the seat. They should be better integrated into the rear of

  7. December 10, 2015 at 4:41 AM Just to be accurate, it actually has a 2015 & earlier BMW 750Li feel to the interior — almost to the point of being a mirror image! And at the price the 2015 Equis sold for — that's quite a bargin!

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