BMW 1 series

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As you can see, the upcoming small 1 series sedan will stay pretty close to the “Compact Sedan Concept” we saw just a few weeks ago.
Which is fine.

It will compete with the boring A3 and the “almost weird” CLA.
So this might fit right in between.

Being based on the same platform as the new Mini Clubman, it could every well be using the same engines. Which are the 1.5 and 2.0 Liter.

This could be interesting. And no doubt, really popular…

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  1. Amazing how many cars intended only for people under 5'6" we've seen since the start of the US Recession in 2009 & the start of Chinese Economic Growth at about the same time. How long do we have to wait before they start coming out with new models that guys over 6' will fit in?

  2. That actually looks better than the 3 series. For some reason the current BMWs just look off, liked they've copied the copy too many times. the FWD chassis gives them a bit of a fresh start on the styling, even though it is clearly conservative BMW. Same with the new X1.

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