Citroen E-Mehari

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 I think this is great!
I mean really. Finally, Citroen is coming up with a modern version of the cool old Mehari from the 60’s. And it’s Electric!
Of course. Which makes it the perfect 21st Century Mehari.
It even gets up to 125 Miles on a charge. Which is more than other more expensive EVs.

Not sure about the price, but it looks to be pretty cheap. (Just like the original one probably was)

I wonder if a 21st Century 2CV is next…

 So you can compare, this is the original one from the 60’s.

And here it is with Charlton Heston!
I know, what are the odds.

It was one of the cars he was driving around in the movie “Omega Man”.
And one of the only way we can see this car in action, here in the US…

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  1. Actually, the original Mehari was officially imported in the US. The front square lamps were ditched in favour of round sealed beams (like the one featuring Charlon Heston).

    Talking about the E-Mehari, keep in mind that it is just a reskinned Bolloré BlueSummer (the brand that makes Paris's Autolib electric car sharing vehicle).
    It will be produced at Citroën's plant in Brittany and sold through Citroën dealerships though not being developed by Citroën.

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