Hyundai Ioniq

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More teasers of Hyundai’s all new model.

Looking really nice. And not weird at all. I really think it will steal sales from the new weirdo Prius. (As it should)

On top of that, they will offer 3 models. A “regular” hybrid. A plug-in. And a full electric EV version.
So basically, with just one car, they are going after the Prius, The Volt and the Leaf!

I really can’t wait to see more of this.

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  1. Still plenty time to mess it up in real life. How close to reality are Hyundai's sketches typically?

  2. Very good looking so far. What kind of demented human being would choose the barbaric, chaotic look of the Prius over the sporty, elegant, harmonious look of this IONIQ? WHO, I ASK, WHO????

  3. @12:08: I think Huyndai's sketches often give a pretty realistic view on upcoming models. Let`s see how this conservative approach on design is being received after years and years of Toyota, BMW and Renault telling us that Hybrid and EV design has to look different. This one seems advanced in technology, yet compareably conservative in its design, compared to the Prius, i3/i8 and/or Zoe.

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